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The number of Montessori schools are expanding in Texas. Texas has a strong base of over 55,000 Montessori students, over 300 Montessori schools, 10 accredited educator preparation programs and an untapped number of advocates. As waiting lists for Montessori schools grow there is a shortage of qualified teachers, systemic barriers to Montessori programs’ operations and until now no organized advocacy presence in the state of Texas.

Montessori Teacher Recognition Priorities


Texas Rising Star schools have designated slots for qualifying families to receive tuition subsidies.  More Montessori schools participating in TRS will expand access to high quality Montessori education.


The Texas Education Agency does not have a formal pathway to recognize the pedagogical content and rigor of Montessori Educator Preparation Programs.  The process for receiving a Texas state teaching certificate is separate and unrelated to the process for receiving a Montessori teaching credential. In Texas a public Montessori teacher must do both paths, extending the time it takes to have a qualified teacher leading a Montessori classroom. By creating a pathway to incorporate both the state and Montessori credential we can ensure that well prepared public Montessori teachers are teaching in the classroom sooner.

Childcare Licensing

Revise licensing regulations to allow accredited or verified Montessori programs to implement their pedagogy in full, while maintaining the quality and integrity of their pedagogical approach.

Statewide Advocacy Working Groups

Statewide working groups meet regularly to connect, collaborate, share best practices, and create strategy to support exemplary Montessori in Texas.  All are welcome to encouraged to participate in one or more workgroups.

Montessori Teacher Credential Recognition

Texas Education Agency

Montessori Teacher Credential Recognition

Texas Rising Star

Childcare Licensing

Licensing regulations that allow verified Montessori programs to maintain the quality and integrity of their pedagogical approach.

Advocacy Mobilization Team

Support getting the word on and support “Calls to Action” when our community needs the take action on specific policies or regulations.

Public Montessori Work Group

This group brings new and existing barriers faced in the public sector to a shared workspace to 1) promote collaboration across the state and 2) share resources and best practices with colleagues.


Gather & Grow: Oak Cliff

Join TEAM for a regional Gather & Grow event on June 22 at 1:00 p.m. at 1417 W Davis Street, Dallas TX 75208.

1st Annual Conference: Continuing to Gather and Grow

Save the Date! TEAM will be hosting our first annual state conference. Continuing to Gather and Grow – TEAM’s first conference will be on November 9th from 8:30 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Shelton School has generously offered to host this event: 17301 Preston Road, Dallas Tx.

TEAM Workgroup

TEAM Work Groups Please join in being part of the solutions faced by Montessorian across the state. Join a workgroup and be part of the upcoming meetings!

Advocacy 101

Join this live session for an introduction to advocacy and learn how you can support change in Texas.