Toddler Teacher: Lumin Education, Dallas TX

Lumin Education


Job Title:                Toddler Teacher

Reports To:            Classroom Supervisor

School/Program:   Lumin Bachman Lake Community School

Primary Site:          Lumin Bachman Community School campus

Hours/Status:        Full-Time, Exempt, 40 hours per week, 250-day year


The Toddler Guide reports to the Lumin Bachman Lake Community Classroom Supervisor and leads a Montessori classroom for children ages 18 months to 3 years.



•    Conduct high-fidelity Montessori Toddler class for 8 children
•    Observe and coach respectful interactions with children and demonstrate methods of positive discipline, redirection, structured choice, and healthy communication.
•    Create and maintain environment and implement curriculum so as to:
▪    Develop secure relationships with children and encourage trust and emotional security;
▪    Provide opportunities for sensory and motor exploration;
▪    Encourage self-awareness, autonomy, and self-expression;
▪    Support children’s emerging communication skills;
▪    Encourage the development of gross and fine motor skill and;
•    Maintain close, frequent, and effective communication with parents, and encourage parents’ participation in their children’s education through observation, volunteering, and participation.
•    Supervise indoor and outdoor play areas to monitor children’s safety.
•    Maintain required records and minimum standards for licensed childcare centers.
•    Provide two parent-teacher conferences per year for assigned students.
•    Other duties as required/requested.


•    Must be Montessori certified in Assistants to Infancy (AMI).
•    Knowledge and experience in child development and early childhood education; principles of child health, safety, and nutrition; and adult learning principles.
•    Respect for cultural, ethnic, socio-economic, and linguistic diversity.
•    Ability to build relationships of trust and respect with Lumin staff, children, and parents.
•    Experience working with infants and toddlers.
•    Bilingual (English/Spanish) preferred.
•    Must be motivated and able to work independently as well as part of a team.
•    Must demonstrate a positive attitude.



This position requires the ability to perform the following job requirements, with or without reasonable accommodations: kneeling, bending, sitting on the floor, pushing, pulling, running, jumping, mopping, dancing, sweeping, singing, standing, twisting at the waist, raising arms above the head, rising from kneeling/sitting position, and lifting/carrying children up to 5 years.

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