Elementary Inclusion Teacher/Co-Teacher: Tier 3 Montessori – Round Rock, Tx

Our tiny urban micro school is searching for an open-minded and flexible candidate for an open position as an elementary inclusion teacher/co-teacher to Guide and teach with me.  I am an AMI-trained Elementary Teacher as well as Special Educator, Founder & Director searching for someone to embark on this pioneering adventure with me and our supportive team of assistants.

We have a year-round Program: 36 weeks of school, and 7 weeks of summer camps. (9 weeks of scheduled days off, including Spring, Summer, Fall & Winter breaks)

Hours are 8:30-3:30pm Monday through Friday

Our work is to observe and acknowledge each child’s interests and strengths, and build a supportive environment and an educational adventure around those for them to use their proficiencies to build new skills, with a small group of same-age as well as mixed-age peers; this is Montessori Cosmic Education.

The Ability Montessori Program is a modified program designed to bridge children into a regular/full Montessori classroom someday. Our classes are only half the size of a typical Montessori Elementary environment – with only 12 children, and a whopping 1 assistant per every 3-6 students. We do this to remain inclusive for any and all children who may require a more personalized learning environment with more adults at times throughout the day. Our everyday work environment is casual, as well as highly supported and supportive of the adults overseeing the children’s development.

Please know that most of the students have been sent away from their beloved Montessori classrooms or have not been granted acceptance into area programs due to lack of “fit.” I do also consult with area Montessori schools and therapists in our approach, and all of our families we work with are open and committed to a collaborative working relationship with us. Parent and family collaboration is a core part of our program which includes monthly check-in conference meetings together.

Our Montessori Assistants are trained to be attentive in support of the children’s autonomy as well as step in to give them as much support as they need, when necessary. We rely heavily on “social academics,” which just means all of our lessons and activities emphasize the social aspect of learning and getting along with others, and though I do try to align our work with the TEKS and public school state standards, it is not the sole emphasis of our work together.

We are strategically located in the heart of downtown Round Rock just north of Austin, on the city bus line, and within walking distance from parks, shops, cafes, and the public library for our Community Inclusion Going Out program, to supplement our own indoor and outdoor learning environments.

So, why are we hiring?

Our program is so popular we’ve had to expand into the building next door, and I will need a super-powered Montessori elementary 6-12 partner to personally assist me in modeling the Grace & Courtesy as well as conduct masterfully individualized and curated lessons for these unique young world-changers while we grow!

AMI is preferred just because that is the language I speak and our program is modeled after, with other Montessori training credentials considered as well, based on experience and commitment to inclusion and educating the “uneducable.”

Salary: $60,000

Primary trained and/or Spanish-speaking is a plus, as is familiarity with the DERS and/or the Child Study Process.

Ongoing training and learning about trauma-informed care and compassionate behavioral approaches is provided and expected as part of this important role. We do not utilize seclusion, exclusion, or isolation in our space.

Insurance and 401k are on the way but still in the works as of this posting.

Please come check out our space and meet some of us!

Location: 304 E. Main Street, Round Rock, Texas 78664

Telephone: (512) 551-2414